Being a Member of CWA 1109
has it's Benefits.


We are proud to offer Members of Brooklyn CWA 1109 exclusive life insurance benefits with:

  • Discounts and preferred rates for members only
  • Dedicated team of licensed agents
  • Access to every Life Insurance carrier on the market
  • No exam and lab testing for qualified CWA 1109 members up to 1,000,000 dollars through Security Mutual Life Insurance
    • Below the Life Insurance quote system you will see more information regarding this amazing CWA 1109 benefit
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  • Automatic Term Life Insurance Quote system
    • Fill out the necessary fields in the quote system and in less than 5 seconds you will see potential cost of your insurance from multiple insurance companies.
    • When picking a Health Class on the quote system, please refer to the following definitions of each of the health class options.
      • Preferred Plus: the best category one can obtain for a life insurance health rating. You are not taking any medications, and you are within the guidelines for height and weight.
      • Preferred: excellent health with a few minor health issues that may be treated with medication, such as controlled cholesterol. You are within the guidelines for height and weight.
      • Regular Plus: better than average health, but you may have minor health issues. You may be slightly over the height and weight guide.
      • Regular: most common health rating. You are of average health and take multiple medications. Your height and weight guidelines do not meet the requirements.

NO Exams & NO Lab Testing for qualified CWA1109 members.

1,000,000 of Life Insurance with no lab tests or medical exam. We have eliminated exams and lab testing for qualified* CWA 1109 members! Security Mutual’s Underwriting Department is pleased to announce a program designed to speed up the underwriting and policy issue process up to $1,000,000 for members of CWA 1109. Just answer a few medical questions, and you may be approved for your insurance without the need for a medical exam or lab testing. To learn more about this amazing benefit, please click here.


We are proud to offer Members of Brooklyn CWA 1109 exclusive insurance benefits with:

  • Discounts and preferred rates for members only
  • Dedicated team of licensed agents specializes in finding the best personal and commercial coverage at the lowest rates.
  • A wide range of policies and plans tailor-made to meet your unique requirements.
  • Around the clock service.

Knowing what coverage you need and how much coverage to purchase isn’t always easy. Now you have a family member dedicated to helping you understand your assets and how to protect them. Our agents are here to help around the clock just like family because emergencies rarely happen during business hours.


Auto insurance should serve two main goals: Repair your vehicle in the event of an accident Covers the full extent of the damages in the event you are at-fault Our agents will explain the components of automobile coverage in layman’s terms and advise on the best coverage levels for you and your family.


Every home is as unique as its owner. Allow one of our agents to listen to your needs and the features of your home. We will customize a homeowners policy to protect you both for years to come.


Our agents’ goal is to ensure your family, assets, and investments are completely covered in the event of a claim. The more assets you have, the more coverage you need. Umbrella coverage provides an inexpensive solution for increasing your liability coverage over your home, auto